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Yolanda Vorloi's Character Sheet - Tales of Mystara, a Solo DnD Campaign

A great comic book artist and friend of mine Justin Pfeil drew Yolanda Vorloi. If you are a subscriber to my YouTube Channel , or my solo DnD podcast ' Tales of Mystara ' then you will know that this is one of the characters in my solo adventuring party . I thought I would dedicate a post on this blog to display the art the Justin made, which is a true likeness and based on a description I provided. The same description is also given on Episode 8 of Tales of Mystara . Yolanda Vorloi - Tales of Mystara, a Solo DnD Campaign If you aren't familiar with Tales of Mystara: Tales of Mystara is a mixture between a solo Dungeons & Dragons campaign , a dark fantasy novel and a narrated audio dramatization. The rules of the table top and the roll of the dice dictate where the story goes as well as whether a character lives or dies. Nothing is precious and no one is safe from the roll of the dice… As well as the awesome artwork depicting Yolanda, I've decided to provide