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Ilyana Petraos' Character Sheet - Tales of Mystara, a Solo DnD Campaign

Last month Justin Pfeil, my friend and talented artist drew Yolanda Vorloi. This month he has drawn Ilyana! If you are a subscriber to my YouTube Channel , or my solo DnD podcast ' Tales of Mystara ' then you will be familiar with my solo adventuring party . Here is another post on this blog to display the art that Justin has made. Another true likeness based on a description I provided. The same description is also given on Episode 9 of Tales of Mystara . Ilyana Patreos - Tales of Mystara, a Solo DnD Campaign If you aren't familiar with Tales of Mystara: Tales of Mystara is a mixture between a solo Dungeons & Dragons campaign , a dark fantasy novel and a narrated audio dramatization. The rules of the table top and the roll of the dice dictate where the story goes as well as whether a character lives or dies. Nothing is precious and no one is safe from the roll of the dice… Here is the information from Ilyana's Character Record Sheet. Enjoy... Don't fo

How to Play Dungeons & Dragons Solo - Part 9 - Ruins, Monuments and Fortresses, a Solo DnD Tutorial

Hello solo roleplayers Tom here, welcome to my blog, ' Solo Dungeon Crawler ' and this series of article, ' How to Play Dungeons and Dragons Solo ', where I explore the concept of playing solitaire DnD using old school BECMI DnD rules. If you're well versed in the various DnD books I have perused so far, you may have wondered why I haven't included certain elements alongside some of the things I have borrowed for my solo DnD ruleset . All I will say on the matter is... All in good time. How to Play Dungeons & Dragons Solo - Part 9 - Ruins, Monuments and Fortresses, a Solo DnD Tutorial Small Dwellings and Ruins One such element, is a table given in the AD&D Dungeon Master's Guide on page 173. It's included as part of the Random Wilderness Terrain (Appendix B). Im going to make use of this now by adapting it so it no longer places well established settlements, like substantial towns or major cities, as we already have a fleshed out p