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Ilyana Petraos' Character Sheet - Tales of Mystara, a Solo DnD Campaign

Ilyana Patreos - Tales of Mystara, a Solo DnD Campaign

Last month Justin Pfeil, my friend and talented artist drew Yolanda Vorloi. This month he has drawn Ilyana! If you are a subscriber to my YouTube Channel, or my solo DnD podcast 'Tales of Mystara' then you will be familiar with my solo adventuring party. Here is another post on this blog to display the art that Justin has made. Another true likeness based on a description I provided. The same description is also given on Episode 9 of Tales of Mystara.

If you aren't familiar with Tales of Mystara: Tales of Mystara is a mixture between a solo Dungeons & Dragons campaign, a dark fantasy novel and a narrated audio dramatization. The rules of the table top and the roll of the dice dictate where the story goes as well as whether a character lives or dies. Nothing is precious and no one is safe from the roll of the dice…

Here is the information from Ilyana's Character Record Sheet. Enjoy...

Don't forget to check out the brilliant work Justin does on his web comic's, which include The Keep on the Borderlands, A Duel in Padua, and a few others. Justin can be found on Twitter @comics_alert and his official website is

Character Record Sheet for Ilyana Petraos

Characters Name: Ilyana Petraos

Class: Fighter

Level: 1

Armour Class: 2

Race: Mixed

Alignment: Neutral

Maximum Hit Points: 4

Ability Scores

Strength: 17 (+2)

Intelligence: 11 (0)

Wisdom: 11 (+0)

Dexterity: 9 (+0)

Constitution: 10 (+0)

Charisma: 15 (+1)

Saving Throws

Poison or Death Ray: 12

Magic Wands: 13

Turn to Stone or Paralysis: 14

Dragon Breath: 15

Spells or Magic Staff: 16


Thyatian (common), Traladaran, Neutral

Character Background Information

Ilyana Petraos is a human fighter of neutral alignment. She never gives up on a fight and is prepared to fight to the death rather than face a retreat.

She comes from a comfortable Traladaran family, residing in Sulescu Village. The Petraos family is not rich, but they do not suffer from want. Ilyana is a half-breed. Her father was a Thyatian man, who immigrated to the Duchy to fight in the Dukes army, and then retired, wedding a local woman.

Ilyana is much taller than average for a Traladaran, taking after her father’s, she is 5’ 9 “ tall and has dark blonde hair and deep blue eyes. She is physically very strong and she has an almost equally strong will. She is both stubborn and confident.

Ilyana wields her fathers sword, marked with the device of Karameikos. She wears rugged plate mail armour and has a small, plain shield strapped to her back. Her armour and shield were picked up in Threshold with her wages from the Golden Dragon Inn.

The native Traladaran’s have a custom, which is an important part of the Karameikan national character. Called the Shearing Ceremony, it was developed in the village of Marilenev and was in common use there and in surrounding areas in the centuries before Thyatis conquered Traladara. Since that time, improved trade has spread the Shearing Ceremony throughout the land. When Duke Stefan and the Thyatis settlers came, they were acquainted with the ceremony, and generally adopted it.

When Ilyana turned 17 years old, even though the Shearing Ceremony is strictly for males in most cases, she insisted on taking part. At a dinner, to which her whole family and members of the village were invited, Ilyana stood silent while her parents solemnly dressed her in travelling gear. The bottom of her cloak was sheared off and left ragged as a reflection of her condition: that of an impoverished traveller.

Since then, Ilyana is considered to no longer be a part of her family and will live apart and take part in respectable adventures - as is customary. Once her family decides she is worthy, she will rejoin them.

It has been two years since then. Ilyana is now 19 years old and her ambitions to make a name for herself and her family has led her to the ruined castle of Mistamere to find the elusive Bargle and provide justice for the murder of Aleena Halaran, the Barron of Threshold’s beloved daughter.

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  1. Taking the time to understand the history and lore of the campaign setting makes creating a good backstory easier and fun. Yours are very good and I assume it helped the solo play feel more like group play?

    1. Hi Ian. It really helps the solo play if I have a detailed backstory. In particular it helps me figure out what action the characters will take in a given situation. In essence, the more that is known about a character and their behaviour the less improvisation I need to do.


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