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Solo DnD Competition to Celebrate Halloween and 3k YouTube Subs! [CLOSED]

Halloween is just around the corner! This is my favourite time of year, I absolutely love autumn and I love Halloween! Coinciding with this I am about to reach 3,000 YouTube subscribers!

This is a real milestone and I want to mark both these occasions by doing something involving friends of this blog, my podcasts and my YouTube channel. So if you're reading this and you're planning on sticking around then thats you!

Solo DnD Competition to Celebrate Halloween and 3k YouTube Subs!

I am about to start a new solo campaign called 'Radiant Light' and the first episode will be coming soon to podcatchers and YouTube. You’re formally invited to contribute to the world of this solo campaign and have one of your creations featured on the show.

I would like you to design a spooky Halloween themed market stall for my characters to visit, at a place called the 'Dyn Singh Night Market'. Alongside this, the stall should come complete with a write up of a creepy NPC who will be the vendor of the stall.

To submit your creation, all you have to do is either leave a comment on this post, containing the details of your entry. Alternatively, you can send me a private message on Twitter at Crawler Solo or visit my YouTube community page and leave a comment on the post I made there.

All I’m looking for is a write up describing the market stall and the stall’s vendor and I will pick one to be featured on the show.

If you have any questions then feel free to get in touch in the comments below or on Twitter.

I look forward to your entries!

See you next session...

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  1. Hope this isn't too dark for your dark fantasy tone!

    *** SPOILERS BELOW ***

    Place: Synndar's Shawls and Garments

    Description: This modest stall in the Dyn Singh Night Market is in the Southeastern corner. Unlike many stalls which are made from plain pine and ash wood this one is constructed of a deep reddish brown cherry wood. Though it is small the craftsmanship and quality of the wood stand out. Behind the counter sits an olive skinned woman of Thyatian build. She wears a traditional Hattian dress of deep burgundy and rose, her modest copper jewelry reflects in the torch light of the market. Hanging from various hooks are a number of shawls, cloaks and robes. Most are composed of the colors popular with Traldaran adventurers and bards. She quietly hums and stitches a garment using a thick ruddy colored spool of string.

    Dialog: "Hello traveler. Are you in need of a cloak to warm you on this cold night?" "I learned the craft of a seamstress from the weavers of Port Hatti on Hattias." (True. She learned weaving and sewing on Hattias.) "This cherry wood and my needles were brought here from Hattias as my only possessions, here I humbly combine my past with the style of Traladara." (Mostly true. The wood is from her foot locker that she fled with. The cherry wood is culled from trees fed with the blood of sacrifices at a site called Marrowhill in Hattia.) "This cloak will protect you from the touch of the undead, as it is blessed by the immortals of the hill." (Mostly true, a cloak will allow a character a saving throw or advantage against any negative effect of an undead like paralysis or level drain, however turning undead will work as though 4 levels lower in a 15' radius to the cloaks wearer) "No, I'm not a priest, merely a humble seamstress blessed by the immortals to create these beautiful garments." (False. She is a level 3 cleric of Thanatos, a baleful and diabolical immortal.) "I left Hattias to spread the craft of shawl making to these fine lands." (False, she is a Priestess of Thanatos who was caught performing blood rituals. She fled with a foot locker of cherry wood and escaped on a boat to Specularum.)

    Secrets: The thread is actually made of human skin and sinew, it allows her to embue her garments with various foul enchantments. An ancient ritual passed on to worshippers of Thanatos it allows a person sacrificed in his name to be flayed, and the skin turned to enchanted thread. The thread mutes the power of lawful clerics to turn and banish the undead. It allows the wearer to resist certain powers of the undead, making her clothing suitable for a necromancer, but cursing a lawful character leaving them unable to remove it.

    Synndar, Chaotic Female Cleric of Thanatos 3
    STR 11 DEX 14 CON 9 INT 10 WIS 16 CHA 15, AC 7 (3 with armor), HP 14, THAC0 19, Save As C3. Barbed Scourge (1d6, THAC0 19), Sling (1d4, THAC0 18). Chainmail armor (normally not worn), Ring of Protection +1.


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