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Radiant Light - A One D&D Solo Campaign - Episode 1 - Journey's Through the Radiant Citadel - Salted Legacy

This month Wizards of the Coast dropped their first supplement in a series of supplements presenting rules for playtesting the new edition (which isn't an edition) of D&D. Currently known as 'One D&D'. I'm very intrigued as to what's instore in this new version of the game, so it seemed appropriate to start a brand new solo campaign so I can playtest the material myself and share my journey as I progress.

So here I am, one episode into Radiant Light, my new podcast available on both my YouTube Channel and the major podcatchers and I'm gonna take this opportunity to post up some supplentary tables I created for use in the first episode.

Radiant Light - A One D&D Solo Campaign - Episode 1 - Journey's Through the Radiant Citadel - Salted Legacy

At the time of recording the first episode Wizards have only released One D&D rules for character races and backgrounds as well as a short rules glossary for some of the smaller changes so at the moment playtesting is relying on 5th edition rules to fill in the blanks. There is also currently no official adventure modules to test, although One D&D has been described as being backwards compatible with 5th edition.

It seemed the best way to start then, was to create characters with the 5th edition Player's Handbook, incorperating the playtesting materal where indicated and run a 5th edition adventure module. I chose Journey's Through the Radiant Portal as my go to source for this.

Here are a couple of tables I put together to help me in this first episode.

Siabsungkoh NPC’s

The first table is for rolling up NPC's as and when I need them in the Siabsungkoh region where the adventure is currently taking place. This is a simple transfer of names from the campaign book straight into a table. I used this to roll up Chon Addleson the merchant who hired the party to retreive a treasure from the Dyn Singh Night Market. Chon's first name is in the table, however when I rolled for his surname I got 'Non-native surname' as the result so I generated his surname using tables I have in my own solo ruleset, which I plan on sharing in a published format once I have finalised it, however I do share information from this on here from time to time also, so keep checking back.

Night Market Vendors

The second table is for rolling a random vendor in any situation where it would be necessary. For example when the party first arrived at the market Roin reached out to touch a silk garment at Madam Kulp's Silk.

Let me know what you think in the comments and be sure to check back for more content. In the meantime:

See you next session...

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