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Tales of Mystara Episode 9 and my Podcast Feed WOES!

To host Tales of Mystara I use a free Podbean account and like all free podcast hosting platforms there are limitations. On Podbean you have a memory limit and a limit of 5 hours of episodes before it won't let me upload more without deleting older episodes. Unfortunately with this current story I am hosting the limit has been reached and so in order to upload episode 9, I was forced to delete episode 1. Not to mention I tried to correct this by sending my YouTube RSS feed to Apple Podcasts so I could overcome the problem entirely, but of course, that didn't work!!! As a result the podcast is currently (at the time of writing) unavailable on Apple Podcasts. I tried to update the feed again with the original Podbean link but it won't let me refresh the feed and so I'm forced to be patient and try again later. So, long story short - for those who wish to listen to the audio only version of episode 9 I would like to suggest an alternative: YouTube Music.

Tales of Mystara on YouTube Music

If you download the YouTube music app then you can listen to audio versions of the entire backlog of Tales of Mystara, which is currently at 22 episodes. If you do this then you can listen to everything at your leisure without having to worry about older episodes being removed from the playlist.

In the meantime, I will try my best to get Apple Podcasts to host the show again!

I thank you for your patience!


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