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Tales of Mystara - Castle Mistamere

Tales of Mystara - Castle Mistamere

Here is the complete first adventure of my solo DnD campaign using the BECMI rules. The campaign is set in the official Dungeons & Dragons Mystara campaign setting and the adventure takes place in Castle Mistamere. This adventure was published in the Dungeon Master's rulebook of the Dungeons & Dragons Redbox Basic Set, the first set in the BECMI rules.

The progression is apparent as you listen through so bare with me as I really feel this improves as it goes along.

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  1. Hi Tom. I hope you are well. I am currently creating a story about 6 heroes, 5 of which are following 1, the cleric, of the group who had a vision from his deity. Tasking him to go in search of a magical sword known to exist in ruins in the wilderness. I would not have this joy without your efforts. Thank you. I look forward to your content. Listening to you explain your rules and tell your story is a joy.

    1. Thanks Michael, that means a lot :) always happy to hear the rules have helped somebody have fun with their own games. How is the story going so far? I'm hoping to expand on these rules in the future with a newer tutorial series that will cover the basics in more detail and expand on them.

  2. Hi Tom-- I've enjoyed the Tales of Mystara podcast as a podcast. I know you've continued adventures on your YouTube channel, but is there any chance you'll make those episodes available as podcasts?

    1. Hi Justin. Sadly I have no plans at the moment to distribute my OD&D and 5E stuff as podcasts purely because it would cost me money to host them and would take time to handle them across the different platforms. I do plan to do a further series of Tales of Mystara in the future though. As I use free hosting for that I am limited to 5 hours of audio but I plan to archive the older episodes (which will remain on YouTube) and upload a further series. I probably won't get round to recording it until I have finished recording my OD&D campaign though.


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